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Thailand - Danger: Crocodiles in the wild

Thailand - environment: New ‘Monkey Free Plus’ Label Introduced for Ethical Coconut Products

Thailand - Concert : 40 YEARS OF MORRISSEY on 18 November at the Samyan Mitrtown Hall in Bangkok

Thailand – Expatriate: Government to propose benefits for expatriates!


Thailand, the ancient kingdom of Siam is a popular destination. For a successful trip, our guide with key information on cities and regions, islands, transport. Not to mention: our little tips, essential cultural information, our hotel selections, etc. ! Bon voyage!

  • Thailand: ประเทศไทย
  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Area: 514,000 km²
  • Neighboring countries: Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia
  • Climate : Tropical
  • Official language: Thai
  • Population: 69.8 million (2020)
  • Currency: Bath (THB)
  • Telephone code: +66
  • Time Zone: UTC+7
  • Political Regime: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • King: Rama X

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