Patpong - Sala Daeng: Bangkok's red light district

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Patpong - Sala Daeng: Bangkok's red light district

Patpong Sala-Daeng is one of Bangkok’s hottest red-light districts, renowned as a hub for enticing go-go bars. It’s a destination for revelry, entertainment, and thrilling sexual encounters.

Patpong - Sala Daeng

Patpong : A red-light district

Some people describe Sala Daeng as a place of debauchery, a playground for lechery or a concentration of immorality. It’s not quite as simple as that, but it’s true that for a man coming alone, the offers of shows such as pingpong shows, tendentious massages and paid sex can be surprising at first, titillating some and shocking others.

In fact, the district comes alive around 7pm. All along Silom Road and in the adjacent streets, just off the BTS Sala Daeng exit, a whole night market is set up. While many vendors occupy the main street, most of the stalls are grouped around the Silom Night Market. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything, from clothes and handicrafts to items to titillate intimate relations. The stalls are open until around midnight.

For those feeling hungry, there are also several food stalls lining the streets. The atmosphere is consistently lively, drawing a mix of tourists and expatriates every night.

Patpong: Two emblematic streets

To speak of two streets is rather simplistic. You could say that the Patpong district has a straight area on one side and a gay-friendly area on the other. You go from one to the other, there is no segregation, the music is just as loud on one side as the other, the prices of drinks are identical.

Soi 4 Patpong

Patpong: Straight Red

La Thanon (street) Phat Phong: bars on either side of the street, girls in skimpy outfits. Small shops in the centre. Lots of music and offers for heterosexual men. The atmosphere is less oppressive than Soi Cowboy, one of Bangkok’s other red-light districts.

Information about prices at Patpong bars

BeerSoft drinksGirls drinksBar Fine
Between 150 and 200 THBBetween 120 and 165 THBBetween 150 and 250 THBBetween 600 and 800 THB

Soi 4, Gay friendly

Soi 4 is mainly gay-friendly. The music is loud, the terraces are full, and you can have dinner or a drink. Many of the customers then go clubbing not far away at DJ Station. This is one of Bangkok’s most emblematic clubs, with its many dance floors and transforms shows. The atmosphere is cool, with lots of people, and it’s easy to get to know each other.

Patpong: Suggestions and choices

Between Silom Road and Thanon Surawong, there’s an abundance of bars and restaurants. It’s a bustling, commercial area devoid of romantic ambiance or tranquil spots. Here, you can either succumb to the lively atmosphere or resist its temptations. However, be prepared for numerous sexual propositions of varying kinds. For many, ethical and moral concerns regarding prostitution persist. If these concerns weigh heavily on your mind, then perhaps Sala Daeng isn’t the right destination for you.

What Are The Best Gogo Bars In Patpong?


Bada Bing
One of the oldest go-go bars in Patpong. They renovated the bar after Covid. A classic that will surely appeal to a wide audience.
Open: every day from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM 🔥
Location: Bada Bing
Website: Facebook


Black Pagoda

Another well-known go-go bar in Patpong, located next to the Patpong Museum. It’s a more underground spot that regularly features cool DJ sets. Offering a unique, warm, and fun atmosphere, it’s a classic not to be missed.
Open: every day from 🔥7pm - 3am🔥
Location: 2 Thanon Phat Phong
Website: Instagram


The Pink Panther

A reputable establishment for decades, offering beautiful ladies, fair drink prices, and a bonus Thai boxing match at 10:30 PM.

Open: every day from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM 🔥
Location: The Pink Panther - 37 Soi2 4 Thanon Phat Phong.
Website: The Pink Panther

The Sex Shows and Ping Pong Shows in Patpong

At both Patpong Soi and Patpong Soi 2, you’re bound to encounter a tout offering a menu that includes a ping-pong show among other options. They all carry small menus detailing various show options and, most importantly, drink prices. It’s crucial to realize that the displayed prices are there to lure you in.

Be wary of ping pong shows in Patpong as they often cater to tourists, with inflated prices and hidden fees. If you’re curious about ping pong shows, check out the Patpong Museum for a playful experience without the real deal!

A red and cultural district: the sex museum to visit

At the heart of this joyous atmosphere is a museum. Not just any museum, but the Patpong Museum. The museum retraces the history of the district and the different phases of its development. It started out as a simple banana plantation on the edge of the city, then became a shopping street and then, with the arrival of the American GI’s, was transformed into its most sulphurous version. The museum is small but really fun.

Practical information about Phat Phong

  • Silom Night Market address - Silom Rd, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 - see map. Open every evening from 7pm to midnight.
  • How To get there: BTS Saladaeng station - MRT Silom station
  • Patpong Museum: 5 Patpong Soi 2 - Bang Rak Bangkok 10500 - see map.
  • Number of bars: 20+
  • Opening hours: Every day from 7pm to 2am/3am

Where to stay near Patpong?

Around Patpong, you’ll find a plethora of hotels, ranging from quaint spots to luxurious resorts, accommodating every budget. To save you time, here’s a curated selection of hip and enjoyable places to stay.


Apartment45 Hostel
Youth hostel with dormitory. Low price. Good facilities.

Réservation : Booking - Agoda


S1hostel Bangkok
Hotel with single and dormitory rooms. Small price and good value for money.

Réservation : Booking - Agoda


Silom One
Simple room, but very comfortable. Hotel located in the centre of Silom, not far from the BTS and MRT. You can go partying in peace! Budget: 2 tequilas and a gin or something like that! Perfect for single people!

Réservation : Booking - Agoda


Silom Serene A Boutique Hotel
Well located, this hotel combines comfort and relaxation. It is a small, quiet space in a neighborhood that does not sleep much. The rooms are large and ideal for 2 or more.

Réservation : Booking - Agoda


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