How to get to Bangkok bus stations

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How to get to Bangkok bus stations

How to get to Bangkok bus station without difficulty? Brief summary of stations, transport to get there and our little tips and tricks.


Bangkok bus stations

Bangkok has 3 large bus stations and a station for minibuses. For each of them a direction: North, South, East and West.

  1. Bangkok South Terminal Bus Sai Tai Guo สาย ใต้ เก่า (ปิ่น เกล้า). Bus station only for minibuses
  2. Southern Terminal Sai Tai Mai (สาย ใต้ ใหม่). For buses going to southern cities,
  3. Bangkok, Mo Chit Bus Station อาคาร 2 (อาคาร ผู้โดยสาร). Buses leave for cities in northern Thailand
  4. The Ekamai bus station. Some cities in the south and some cities in the east.

City buses to go to the bus stations: the info to know

Knowing all the lines going to each station is difficult but more useless. Indeed, the mobile application Viabus allows to know all the bus lines of Bangkok (bus stop, terminus, travel time, etc.). Finding the bus going to the bus station is very easy.

Ekkamai Bus Station

No doubt the Eastern Bus Terminal Bangkok Ekkamai is the easiest bus station to find. Indeed, the big advantage of this station is that it is located 50 meters from the BTS station Ekkamai - Sukhumvit line.

Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak)

Located north of Bangkok, the Mo Chit หมอชิต 2 (อาคาร ผู้โดยสาร) bus station or Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak) is easy to reach. Indeed, it is possible to take the BTS or the MRT and get off at the Mo Chit station for the BTS or at the Kamphaeng Phet or Mo Chit or Phahon Yothin stations.  After to get to the bus station, there is a choice between:

  • taxi
  • moto-taxi
  • bus (see above the application to find the right bus)

Terminal South Terminal - Sai Tai Mai

The Terminal South Terminal - Sai Tai Mai is the least convenient. It is really far away and takes a while to get there from the city center.

There are two ways to get from Terminal (Southern) Sai Tai Mai (สายใต้ใหม่).

  1. by city bus (see application above)
  2. by taxi (less economical but very practical)

For those staying on the Khao San Road side, it is best to take the buses directly to Democracy Monument.


Bus Terminal or South Terminal Bus Sai Tai Guo สาย ใต้ เก่า (ปิ่น เกล้า).

South Terminal Bus Sai Tai Guo is located on the same road as the Terminal (Southern) Sai Tai Mai. She is closer to the city center than her older sister. This geographical proximity means that many travelers are mistaken and go to the wrong station.

This is a bus station for minibuses.