Bangkok, Mo Chit Bus Station

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Bangkok, Mo Chit Bus Station

The Mo Chit bus station mainly distributes the cities of northern Thailand. It is one of the largest bus stations in Bangkok. Practical information to optimize your departure and arrival.

Mo Chit Bus Station

Mo Chit bus station or the Northern Bus Terminal is a big mess. Buses, taxis, mini-vans, tuk-tuk come and go constantly. There are many people, the days of departure on vacation is crazy.

There are a very large number of bus companies for the same destination. It’s not difficult to choose a bus, but there are so many offers that you have to take your time to find the right bus.

Buses from Mo Chit go to the big cities of the North and North-East of the country (more than 50 destinations). Some buses also depart for the Southeast.

Bus to the northChiang MaiChiang RaiNong KhaiUbon RatchataniUdon Thani
Bus to the SoutheastChonburiPattayaRayongKoh SametTratKoh ChangKoh Mak

Our advice for departure:

Book in advance. Why ? This makes it possible to arrive quietly at the bus station, no waiting in the enormous room where a crowd of travelers is packed. Last but not least, we know when we are leaving and at what time we arrive …

A very dynamic terminal

Mo Chit station hosts an incredible contingent of travelers every day. It’s swarming, it’s coming and going. It’s sometimes a little stressful, but it’s a well-oiled mechanics.

Three things to know:

  • There are information desks at each wharf. The agents speak English and respond to the different demands of travelers.

  • The bus station is located near the Chatuchak Market. However, the bus station is off center. We must therefore take the time necessary to get there because of traffic jams very common in this area.

  • The bus station is in fact split in two:

    • Central building from which almost all the buses leave.

    • On the other side of the boulevard, the station for vans and minbuses.


How to get to Mo Chit Bus Terminal?

  • By taxi :

The drivers do not all accept this destination… To be understood and optimize the chances, it is convenient to copy the name of the station on his mobile to show at the driver: หมอชิต 2 (อาคาร ผู้โดยสาร)

Note: Sometimes, it’s necessary to take the highway. The toll price is added to the meter.

  • By Grab or Bolt

Grab and Bolt are two apps. They are very easy to use, and they give the possibility to find un driver for a good price.

  • By BTS or MRT

It’s possible to take the BTS and the MRT. However, it is still necessary to go a long way from the Mo Chit BTS station or Chatuchak MRT station .

From there you can take a taxi or a motorcycle taxi or a tuk-tuk or bus (3, 77, 96, 134, 136, 138, 145, 509). The road is quite fast (no motorway).

For the sportiest travelers, on foot: minimum 15 to 20 minutes … walk on sidewalks rattling. Not ideal market in the middle of the boulevards … Up to you.

  • By public bus

Buses to Mo Chit Bus Station are 3, 16, 24, 49, 77, 96, 104, 117, 134, 136, 138, 145, 157, 509, 517.

Tips for buses:

To have the right bus to go from point A to point B without problems and without difficulty


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