Guide to Little Koh Chang Noi: Tranquil Isle in the Andaman

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Guide to Little Koh Chang Noi: Tranquil Isle in the Andaman

Discover Little Koh Chang or Koh Chang Noi, in the Andaman Sea, an island still unspoilt by mass tourism. Quiet and charming, it’s the perfect island for a complete change of scenery. Follow the guide.

  • Name in Thai: เกาะช้าง
  • Distance from Bangkok: 590 km
  • Population: small 😃
  • Province: Ranong
  • Main activities: tourism
  • High season: December - Early April
  • Number of days there: 4 days.
  • Main attraction: Farniente at the end of the world

The assets of little Koh Chang Noi

Little Koh Chang might not be the most renowned Thai island, but its lesser-known status is precisely what makes it a haven for island enthusiasts seeking tranquility. It may not boast the grandeur of its more famous counterparts, yet it holds its own unique charm. It’s crucial to note that in Thailand, there are two islands named Koh Chang, with the smaller one—Koh Chang Noi (Noi meaning small)—resting in the Andaman Sea, opposite Ranong in southern Thailand, distinct from the more prominent one facing Trat in the Gulf of Siam.

Measuring just one hour to cross on foot, Little Koh Chang features rugged terrain that serves as a sanctuary for diverse flora and a myriad of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. The island maintains an overall serene ambiance, providing an ideal retreat for those seeking a peaceful recharge.

Unlike its larger counterpart, Little Koh Chang doesn’t host bustling discos, ear-piercing bars, incessant horn honking, packs of dogs, or the disruptive crowing of roosters at ungodly hours. Instead, the island offers a tranquil environment where you can retire early, falling asleep to the soothing melody of ocean waves.


Discovering Little Koh Chang Noi: Daytime Escapades

Embrace the simplicity and serenity of Little Koh Chang Noi with daytime activities centered around its unique charm. While the beaches may not boast the pristine white sand often associated with Thailand, the island’s volcanic past has gifted them with a distinct dark hue. Although it may not be a scuba diving paradise, the waters play host to playful fish that may occasionally tickle your feet. However, it’s not the postcard-perfect scenes that define this island; it’s the overwhelming sense of seclusion, akin to a modern-day Robinson Crusoe adventure.

Little Koh Chang isn’t adorned with conventional roads; instead, meandering paths invite exploration. There’s no bustling airport—just the vast expanse of the sea serving as the sole gateway for access and movement. Embrace the simplicity, disconnect from the ordinary, and let the island’s Robinson-like quality captivate your senses.

Relaxation and Exploration on Little Koh Chang Noi

Indulge in the art of relaxation as you unwind in hammocks, take refreshing swims, and savor banana shakes in between naps. But fear not, if tranquility ever veers towards monotony, there’s an array of activities to spice up your island retreat.

For those yearning for more than the gentle sway of a hammock, consider renting a canoe or paddleboard, exploring the crystalline waters surrounding Little Koh Chang. Dive into the underwater wonders with ease by renting masks and snorkels readily available on the island.

If curiosity beckons, embark on a short exploratory walk to discover hidden gems or opt for a boat trip encircling the island. Little Koh Chang offers a perfect blend of serenity and adventure, ensuring your days are as diverse as the island’s landscape itself.

How to Get to Little Koh Chang Noi

Whether your day is embraced by the gentle sway of a hammock or enlivened by exploring crystalline waters, Little Koh Chang Noi unfolds a spectrum of experiences. Get ready for unforgettable days. Now, let’s delve into how to reach this dream island with our guide on transportation to Little Koh Chang Noi.

Getting around Little Koh Chang Noi

Embrace the tranquil pace of island life at Little Koh Chang Noi, where exploring is best done on foot. An hour’s walk from end to end, the island invites you to explore its rugged terrain on foot and soak up the tranquillity of its unspoilt beauty.

For those wishing to travel to more remote locations, the island has small boats that will transport you effortlessly to your desired destination. There are no cars, no lorries and we didn’t see any scooters! Enjoy your walk and your discovery.

Sleep at Little Koh Chang Noi: tips and selection

As night falls on Little Koh Chang Noi, let’s turn our attention to the essential aspect of a memorable island getaway: finding the perfect haven for rest. Join us in the next section, where we review tips and picks for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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