Welcome to our Stay Guide: Little Koh Chang Noi

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Welcome to our Stay Guide: Little Koh Chang Noi

Discover the best places to stay with our guide to Little Koh Chang Noi, featuring a selection of hotels and practical information to help you make the most of this little paradise.

Despite its modest infrastructure, ingenious hotels and resorts on Little Koh Chang, or Koh Chang Noi, turn technical shortcomings into unforgettable experiences.


Sleeping at Little Koh Chang Noi

Accommodations on Little Koh Chang may be as quaint as the island itself. While the island is small, you won’t find a shortage of places to stay. Forget hotel rooms; instead, picture bungalows scattered along the expansive Ao Yai beach. The majority of resorts, conveniently situated along the main stretch of Ao Yai, also boast restaurants serving a diverse array of dishes.


Travel Tips and Insights: Our Take on Little Koh Chang

We discovered our preferred spot on the island, a serene beach on the opposite side that unfolds into a mesmerizing setting for sunsets. Nestled here are three hotels, each offering bungalows with an atmosphere some might label as ‘hippy,’ yet we found it to be much friendlier and laid-back. While the bungalows may be somewhat spartan, lacking the charm of those on the Ao Yai side, this is where we savored our most delightful meals. Notably, the tomato soups, tom-yang, and the renowned, unnamed dishes at Mama’s Bungalows were a highlight.

Stay Guide: Hotels and Hidden Gems in Little Koh Chang Noi

Bungalows on Koh Chang Noi are generally basic, equipped with mosquito nets, toilets, and more upscale options with air conditioning. The evening breeze adds a natural coolness.

The bungalows on Koh Chang Noi are generally basic. They all come equipped with mosquito nets and toilets, and the more upscale options feature air conditioning. Speaking of the latter, the island is caressed by a gentle breeze in the evening, creating a naturally cool atmosphere…

Wi-Fi is available in all establishments, but the speed might be slow. Downloading films or series before your visit can be a smart move.

Discovering Tranquility: A Hotel Selection Guide for Little Koh Chang Noi

Following the wave of Covid, numerous hotels and resorts have shuttered, leaving only a few establishments capable of accommodating large crowds. Rooms are in high demand, particularly during peak seasons, and fill up swiftly. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is advisable to book several days in advance.

Koh Chang Noi

Sunset Bungalow Koh Chang Ranong

Bungalows on a stunning, serene beach. The rooms are simple yet comfortable, providing a perfect retreat for those seeking the peaceful atmosphere and tranquility of the location.

Reservation: Booking - Agoda

Koh Chang Noi

O Little Tent de Koh Chang

Tents available at the same establishment as the previous option!
Option: Sleep in a cozy tent on a sandy beach overlooking a turquoise sea. Not bad at all! Price: very good value for money, and above all, you’ll come back with lots of memories, and that’s priceless!

Reservation: Agoda


A Small Island with Limited Infrastructure

On this island, aside from bungalows and tents, amenities are scarce. No 7-Eleven or ATM, just a small grocery shop providing the basics. Smart travelers should ensure they have enough cash for their stay, although credit card payments might be an option, it’s best to confirm beforehand.

Due to the island’s unspoiled nature from mass tourism, hotels are meticulous and charge for everything, from hot water to sugar.

For those planning a visit, it’s wise to stock up on snacks, beverages (consider tea bags or instant coffee, for instance), and any other essential food items.

Extra charges can add up, taking a toll after a few days. Additionally, exercise caution upon arrival on the island as there is no formal landing stage. Prepare to get a little wet when disembarking from the boat

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