How to Get to Little Koh Chang or Koh Chang Noi: A Travel Guide

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How to Get to Little Koh Chang or Koh Chang Noi: A Travel Guide

Koh Chang Noi isn’t the most renowned of the Thai islands, with guidebooks providing scant information about it. Nevertheless, reaching it is not a challenging task. Here’s a brief summary of how to get there.


Bangkok to Ranong

The pier for Little Koh Chang is located in Ranong. Consequently, it is essential to travel to Ranong if you intend to take the boat to Little Koh Chang.

Bus: Bangkok - Ranong

Daily buses from Bangkok to Ranong are available. Although the journey is lengthy, the buses are known for their comfort.

Plane: Bangkok-Ranong

The quickest and least tiring way to travel is by plane. While it may not always be the most economical option, you can benefit from numerous promotions offered by various low-cost airlines throughout the year. Ranong Airport is situated 22 km from the city center.

ou can book a taxi from the airport to the pier for Koh Chang Noi by following this link

From the Ranong pier to Koh Chang Noi - Koh Phayam

To reach Little Ko Chang, board a boat from Ranong Port, located on Ghalermphrakiar Road. Use a shared taxi numbered 3 or 4 for convenient transportation to the port. Additionally, from this port, you can also travel to the neighboring island of Koh Phayam.

Suggested times and prices for Koh Chang Noi:
Boats typically depart around 09:00, 11:00, and 14:00, with tickets priced at approximately 200 baht. For a faster option, a speedboat is available for 350 baht, providing a 35-minute journey, albeit with some noise.

Horaires et tarifs Ranong Pier to Koh Phayam

Upon arriving at Koh Chang Noi:

In every case, it’s important to inform the captain of your preferred drop-off point. If you’re uncertain, you can go with your instincts—ask the captain to dock when you find a place you like—or simply disembark at the main beach and explore the island.

Keep in mind that there is no dedicated mooring pontoon (or it may not always be available, depending on the tide), so there’s a good chance of getting wet upon arrival.

If you decide not to stay at the initially chosen hotel, no worries; there are regular water taxis that operate between the island’s four corners.

The high season for Koh Chang Noi spans from November to April. During the interim period, rainfall is excessive, and mooring becomes significantly challenging due to exceptionally rough seas.

From Koh Chang Noi to Koh Phayam:

Getting to Koh Phayam from Ranong is relatively straightforward. Given its popularity among tourists, there are frequent boat services daily. Nevertheless, for those seeking to travel from Koh Chang Noi to Koh Phayam, it is indeed possible, with one or two departures available each day. It’s worth noting that during the low season, transportation between the two islands may cease.

More information

For additional details about Koh Chang Noi, refer to our island guide. If you’re interested in learning more about islands in Thailand, explore our comprehensive guide to Thai islands. Simplifying your travel with straightforward guides.