Discovering Kanchanaburi: A Short Guide for must-see attractions

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Discovering Kanchanaburi: A Short Guide for must-see attractions

What to see in Kanchanaburi when you’re only staying a few days? Here is our short list, in order of preference, of the city’s 'must-sees.

Getting off the beaten track isn’t always easy in a very touristy town, and Kanchanaburi is no exception. Here are six activities or places that we consider must-dos in the town.

Guide to Must-See Attractions in Kanchanaburi

1. Dive into the magical Erawan Waterfalls


Without a doubt, this is the place to be and even the ideal spot to stay. Situated 70 km from Kanchanaburi, the Erawan Waterfalls are nestled in a national park. With nature, exotic surroundings, a flowing river, and, most notably, the renowned waterfalls, a leisurely stroll in the park followed by a refreshing swim can form the foundation of a truly relaxing itinerary. As an added bonus, many tourists prefer accommodations near the famous Bridge over the River Kwai. The resorts in close proximity to the park offer not only romantic but sometimes pleasantly surprising lodging options.

2. Bridge on the River Kwai


While not a remarkable construction in itself, the Bridge on the River Kwai exudes historical significance and a certain elegance. A brief visit, preferably just before sunset, offers ideal photo opportunities and a chance to enjoy a drink at the bridge’s iconic base.

3. Canoeing on the Kwai River


Without a doubt, canoe enthusiasts are drawn to this location. Exploring the river proves to be a delightful experience, especially for beginners as the river appears relatively calm. To ensure self-sufficiency, venture beyond Kanchanaburi. Guided tours are often available, and for added tranquility, consider heading to Erawan Waterfalls National Park…

4. Historical review with the Jeath War Museum

The Jeath War Museum offers a unique perspective on the history of the Second World War, with a primary focus on the Kanchanaburi region and the tragic narrative of the renowned Death Railway.

Practical Info for Jeath War Museum:

  • Address: - Jeath War Museum - Ban Tai, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000.
  • Operating Hours: Open every day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Getting There: Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the museum is easily accessible on foot.

5. The Train on the Railway of Death

For first-time train travelers in Thailand, the experience is undoubtedly worth trying. For others, the anticipation builds for over an hour and a half, leading to the most sensational part of the journey: a railway line running alongside precipices. Upon reaching the terminus of the famous Death Railway, two notable attractions await - Krasae Cave, a Buddhist religious site, and the Saiyok Noi Waterfall.

6. Visit the Sacred Caves of Kanchanaburi

Discover the sacred caves of Kanchanaburi, unspoiled Thai sanctuaries offering a spiritual and historical experience away from the tourist trail. Learn more below:

More information about Kanchanaburi

For a comprehensive exploration of Kanchanaburi’s wonders, visit our complete guide here. Discover detailed information on attractions, travel tips, and suggestions for an unforgettable experience in this region of Thailand. Explore Kanchanaburi to the fullest with our comprehensive guide.

Boarding on The Train on the Railway of Death