Phuket Airport Guide: Transport, Rentals, and Tips

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Phuket Airport Guide: Transport, Rentals, and Tips

All the practical information about Phuket International Airport to make your departure and arrival easier and to avoid wasting time! Transport info, rentals and all the little tips for a smooth trip.


Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport is the second-busiest airport in Thailand, after the capital’s airports. It alone attracts more than 16 million tourists per year. It is the gateway to the island of Phuket but also to all the small islands of the Andaman Sea.

With an average of 10 planes per hour, its infrastructure is designed to handle an exponential number of tourists. Its maximum capacity is 24 planes per hour. The promoters have thought big, but above all have been visionary in terms of the development of tourism in this region of the world.

The terminal is divided into two parts: one for international flights and the other for domestic flights. Both international and domestic facilities are modern. The airport also has ATMs, currency exchange offices, luggage storage, car rental offices, and shops where you can buy sim cards. SIM card offers are similar throughout the country.

Getting to or from Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport is located 32 km from the city center. There are four ways to get to or from the airport.

Car rental

All major car rental companies have a counter at the airport. You can either rent a car directly or make a reservation in advance. The advantage of this option is the freedom and autonomy it offers. However, a major disadvantage is that you need to get accustomed to the local driving style and traffic direction…



As is often the case, taking a taxi upon arrival is a convenient option. It may not be the most economical solution, but it requires little preparation before the trip. The traveler simply arrives and waits for a taxi. The only issue is the potential wait time when multiple travelers have the same idea. This can result in a varying wait period, which may not be ideal, especially if you have a long journey ahead or are traveling with young children.

Cars or Minibuses (Vans) with a Driver

This option can be quite appealing, although it may not always be the most cost-effective. Its affordability depends on the number of people traveling together. The significant advantage is that the driver will be waiting directly for the passengers, allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenic journey.

Airport Connections by Car/Van with a Driver

Bus and shuttle services


The Bus - The Shuttle

The bus is easily recognizable due to its orange color, and it is specifically marked as the Airport Bus 😃

Where to Find the Bus
To travel from the airport to the city center, the bus stop is located on the ground floor just outside the arrivals hall. You’ll find a signpost indicating its location. For journeys from the city center to the airport, the bus stop is situated at the Old Phuket Bus Terminal.

Address: The Bus Terminal. 2-4 Soi 5 Phang Na Road Taladay, Muanh Phuket 83000.

Where to Buy the Ticket?
Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the bus itself.

How Much Does the Ticket Cost?
The ticket prices for one-way fares range from 30 baht to 100 baht, depending on the number of stops.

The Map of the Stops
To view the bus route, please refer to the provided map

Phuket Airport/Downtown Shuttle Schedule

Old Bus Terminal DeparturePhuket Airport ArrivalPhuket Airport DepartureOld Bus Terminal Arrival

The Phuket Smart Bus

The Phuket Smart Bus line was launched in 2018 with the aim of providing a convenient connection between the airport and Rawai harbour. It serves a total of 12 stops, including some of the most famous beaches in the area.
The service operates from 06:00 to 20:15, allowing travelers ample time to utilize the bus. The journey to the terminus takes approximately 45 minutes.
When it comes to payment, there are three options available: the Rabbit Card (a reloadable card), cash, or online payment via the app.
For detailed timetables, please visit: this link
These modern buses are equipped with amenities such as WiFi and USB ports. They are brand new, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for passengers.


Direct Flights to Phuket

Phuket Island is frequently regarded as one of the most stunning destinations in Southeast Asia, making it highly tempting to travel there directly.
While there are a few direct flights available from Paris, the options expand significantly when considering flights with layovers. Although the fares for such flights are generally lower, the travel duration is longer.
Numerous airlines provide transfer options from Bangkok. However, one notable inconvenience is the need to change airports upon arrival in Thailand. International flights typically land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, while flights to Phuket usually depart from Don Mueang Airport.

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