Expert tips for tinding the Perfect Accommodation on Koh Phangan

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Expert tips for tinding the Perfect Accommodation on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, a beloved destination among tourists, boasts stunning beauty and a wide range of accommodation options. To ensure a delightful stay and avoid any unforeseen disappointments, we present our expert tips and curated selections for finding the perfect places that cater to your preferences.


Koh Phangan has transcended its reputation solely as a destination for full moon celebrations. Nevertheless, the island’s 125 square kilometers have experienced both environmental preservation and exploitation to varying extents. As a result, a diverse range of accommodation options exists, ranging from high-quality establishments to those of lower quality and limited environmental consciousness.

To facilitate your exploration of the island, we have curated a tour that showcases the attributes, shortcomings, advantages, and disadvantages of each area. This will assist you in selecting the ideal accommodation for your stay on Koh Phangan.

Thongsala - The main port - and the surrounding area


Thongsala, situated as the departure and arrival point for ferries, holds significant importance as the main town on Koh Phangan. While the area buzzes with activity and numerous shops, the overall ambiance remains pleasant. It carries a somewhat urban atmosphere. Towards the north, you can conveniently access the serene beaches of Ao Nai Wok and Ao Plai Laem. On the southern side lies the expansive Ao Baan Thai beach, adorned with a wide selection of guesthouses.

Hotels located to the west of Koh Phangan


On the western side of Koh Phangan, you’ll find an abundance of resorts and guesthouses. The standards and facilities here are slightly elevated, offering a more refined experience. The setting is considered one of the most breathtaking on the island, with a relaxed atmosphere that prevails, particularly around beaches such as Ao Hin Kong and Haad Chao Phrao.


  • Transportation: The entire area is well-connected. Although it may involve some detours, it is easy to travel from one beach to another by motorbike. There are plenty of songthaew taxis available throughout the day.
  • Beaches: The atmosphere is relaxed, the water quality is excellent, and the sand is fine. No sand flies have been observed during our various visits.
  • Entertainment: In addition to leisurely lounging, there are several great spots for snorkeling and diving. You can also enjoy walks, paddle-boarding, and more.
  • Accommodation: There is a wide range of lodging options, ranging from resorts to guesthouses.


  • Need for transportation - taxis can be expensive.
  • Far from the full moon festivities (which can also be seen as an advantage).

Chaloklum - The fishing Village


Chaloklum, the fishing village, is our favorite. It has a family atmosphere and is remarkably peaceful. It has retained its character, which is evident as you experience it.


  • Ideal for families.
  • The beach has clean, fine sand and offers shade at the end of the day.
  • The restaurant serves very good grilled fish and is likely the most affordable option on the island for fish and seafood.
  • It is not a party place, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere without loud and inconsistent sounds.


  • The beach is not suitable for diving, as the water is less clear compared to many other spots on the island.
  • The location is somewhat isolated, requiring means of transportation.
  • There are limited options for hotels, guesthouses, and resorts due to the restricted offer.

Had Khuad - Bottle beach - North-east of Koh Phangan


Bottle Beach is a beautiful spot with a stunning beach, crystal clear water, and abundant marine life. The most convenient way to reach the beach, especially with luggage, is by water taxi. However, once you arrive, it can be challenging to navigate around the rest of the island.


  • Away from the crowds.
  • A piece of paradise.


  • Landlocked, not easily accessible.
  • Limited options for sleeping accommodations, mainly resorts

Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi ou Yai


Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi is a stunningly beautiful spot, but it is quite isolated.


  • Away from the crowds.
  • A secluded paradise.


  • Landlocked, not easily accessible.
  • Limited sleeping accommodations available, mostly resorts.

Haad Rin - South-east of Koh Phangan


Haad Rin is home to the legendary Full Moon Party, but legends are probably the only thing this town has left. Sadly, after years of exploitation, the town has become a blemish on the island. Many people only experience it at night or in the early hours of the morning, which may be for the better (or not). The sand is gray, and the unattractive, long-toothed restaurants emit a mixture of the smell of old sewage and oil from the deep-fat fryers.

Moral: It is advisable to avoid.


  • Opportunity to experience the Full Moon Party.
  • On the way out of town, there is a small bar with an extraordinary view over the bay.


  • The disadvantages are as numerous as the beats per minute on the beach: commercial, noisy, and dirty.

South of Koh Phangan: Ao Hin Lor - Ao Baan Kai


There are several beaches located between Ao Hin Lor and Ao Baan Kai, set in a rather rugged landscape. Numerous resorts have emerged on the smaller beaches, while further up, guesthouses offer more affordable accommodation options. However, the beaches are not the most picturesque, and the water is not very clear. The seabed lacks abundant fish and is not suitable for diving.


  • The area boasts beautiful sunsets that are worth the detours!

Major drawback:

  • The road in the area is very steep and can be extremely dangerous in certain places. It is important to ensure you have insurance. Cycling is not feasible, and having two people on a motorbike can sometimes be challenging.


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