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Thailand- elephant: Wild elephant uses trunk to flip passing truck east of Bangkok

Thailand – Politics: Thailand’s Prime Minister dissolves the Assembly and calls for elections

Thailand-Law: Draft prostitution law to set voluntary service at minimum 20 years

Bangkok Easy

Bangkok easy is the useful section on everything that can help in everyday life in Bangkok. A section for everyone: from the traveller to the expat, practical information to find the information you need.

Practical and quick info

Time ZoneCurrencyClimateElectricity/pluggingHealthShop openings
GMT+7Bath (THB)Hot and humidMixed outlet (European and American type)No specific vaccine in BangkokMalls and department stores: 10 am to 10 pm

Telephone numbers to know in Bangkok

  • Tourist Police: 1155/1699.
  • Medical Emergencies: 191.
  • Fire brigade: 199.