Where to run in Bangkok?

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Where to run in Bangkok?

It’s not always easy to find a good running spot in Bangkok. However, the Thai capital has several places that can satisfy many joggers. In this post some plans to run in Bangkok.


Bangkok, like all big capitals, has many drawbacks: anarchic urbanism, omnipresent air pollution, frantic traffic, etc. At first glance, for people wanting to run in Bangkok, the list of disadvantages is large. It is easy to turn to indoor running. However, there are places that can appeal to the needs of all runners.

Running in the city

To begin with, let’s get rid of the idea of running in the streets of Bangkok. Indeed, beyond the usual inconveniences of big capitals, Bangkok has two other major drawbacks:

  • the pollution/heat/humidity cocktail,
  • congested pavements that are not adapted to the demands of running.

It’s better to choose places protected from traffic and pollution…


Bangkok has a wide range of parks, but four stand out:

Lumpini Park

This is the first place you think of going when you are in Bangkok. Bangkok’s Central-Park has all the advantages of a good run:

  • A track of about 3 km,
  • Equipment for the sport,
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Direct access to the MRT and BTS
  • Very long opening hours: 4.30am to 10pm.

Many people come to run as early as 5pm. This is perhaps the major drawback of the Lumpini Park. However, the park is big and you can run without stepping on each other!

Wachira Benchathat Park - Rot Fai Park

![bangkok- wachira-benchathat-park-rot-fai-park](/images/ 2015/10/SEPTEMBRE-060.jpg)

Located in the north of the city, the Wachira Benchathat - Rot Fai Park is one of the most important green spaces in the capital. The park is large, but it actually touches two other parks: Queen Sirikit Park and Chatuchak Park. These three spaces allow runners to multiply their routes. During the week, the park is not too busy, but on weekends many people come here to cycle or walk.
This park offers several advantages for running:

  • Modular courses,
  • Changing rooms with showers,
  • Bike rentals (for those who want to accompany without running),
  • Easy access to public transport (BTS and MRT).

Suan Luang Rama IX Park

Far from the city centre, the Suan Luang Park covers more than 1200 rai of vegetation with a lake in its centre. It is the perfect place to go for a run without being disturbed. There are plenty of sports facilities to complement your running session.

The advantages of the park area

  • its size,
  • its distance from the main traffic routes.

The disadvantages of Suan Luang Park:

  • far from the city centre of the capital,
  • open from 05 am to 07 pm

Sri Nakhon Park on the Bang Kachao peninsula


Bang Kachao is the place to visit to make a radical break from the capital. In the centre of the area, there is Sri Nakhon Park. The park is not very big, but it opens up to the rest of the Bang Kachao peninsula and its many small paths through the mangrove. It is a unique setting for an atypical race, but one far from the pollution of the city centre.
Bang Kachao is ideal for the family. Perfect for running, but you have to be organised to get to the pier.

The green corridor in the heart of Bangkok


Not well known by the general public, the green walkway connects Lumpini Park to Benchakitti Park. This path overlooks the houses. It is a good option to change the usual circuit around the park. It allows you to get away from the monotonous tour of Lumpini Park to Benchakitti Park which is much less popular. Two new park sections have been added to Benchakitti Park. This helps to avoid the cyclists who ride like crazy around the Benchakitti Lake.
The Lumphini-Benchakitti Park Walkway is a great option for running and seeing the city from a different perspective.


True Digital Park (Sukhumvit Soi 101)


This is the newest running track to open in Bangkok. This 540-metre open-air track is on the roof of the True Digital Building. The True Digital Park is both indoor and outdoor. The track is divided into three zones: grey for warm-ups, green for walking and blue for running
The advantage of the True Digital Park is that there are toilets, showers and lockers on site. The park is open from 07:00 to 21:00.

Chaengwattana Government Complex


Yes, it is a bit surprising to link the Chaengwattana Government Complex, so well-known for its immigration service and the race!
But surprise, the complex has a track for running on the 3ᵉ floor. It runs along the entire building. It is divided into three parts: one for running, another for fast walking and finally a third for walking. The track is long and is really good.

The advantages of Chaengwattana Government Complex

  • Covered track and no pollution
  • The building is air-conditioned.

The disadvantages of Chaengwattana Government Complex:

  • The immigration department = stress
  • The complex is far from public transport.

Conclusion: you should either live next door or take advantage of your wait at immigration to relieve the stress.

Running in the Teochew Chinese Cemetery

bangkok chines cimetery (14)

Running in a cemetery may seem strange, but in fact, every morning and evening, many people come to run in the cemetery. The place is amazing and worth a visit.

Some practical information: