Bus, minibuses and bus stations in Thailand

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Bus, minibuses and bus stations in Thailand

Buses, trains, planes Thailand is a country where it is easy to travel. The most difficult is to find the most appropriate. All information about bus, minibus and bus stations.


Traveling by bus

Road infrastructure in Thailand is very well developed. However, if the roads are in good condition, travel by bus or minibus takes time.

We can not compare time / road traveled as in Europe or the United States. 300 km can take 5 to 7 hours or more. We must also think that leaving the big cities and especially Bangkok also takes a lot of time. However, when adding buses and minibuses, 70% of trips are by bus in this country.

Many companies share a large number of customers. There are many choices (schedules, companies, stop arrival or departure, etc.) and therefore many different prices. There are non-air-conditioned buses with several thousand kilometers on the counter to the VIP super bus with reclining seats, spacious and of a rare cleanliness. For some night buses, there are even sleeper buses.

All cities in Thailand are connected to bus networks. The vast majority of cities have a bus station. Big cities even have 2 or more terminals. It is always important to know the arrival or departure station.

Bus, minibuses and van



The bus is the main transport for inter-city travel in Thailand. While private companies generally offer quality services, public buses are, for many, quite old. The price of buses (private and public) is very cheap.



Minibuses are beginning to take a preponderant place for intercity transport. They have many advantages. They are bigger than the vans. They are faster than buses. And above all, they provide a much greater sense of security than in vans.



Vans are very present in the city. During the journey, the customer can stop the bus whenever he wants. Prices vary, but the price is always economical.

Vans are widely used for intercity travel. They make long, medium and short trips. They have the main advantages of being fast, but they are not comfortable. The main problem with vans is the lack of space. A passenger overloaded must pay for an additional seat.

Our advices

Taking the bus is quite simple in Thailand. Overall road condition is good. It is even of very good quality when compared to neighboring countries.

The bus is economical and the long-distance buses offer good services. Night buses are quite comfortable (VIP). This allows you not to pay for one night at the hotel.

Night buses

If the night buses offer a comfortable trip, most of the time, the air conditioning is strong. It quickly gets cold. It is good to have in your bag: a pair of socks, a small blanket and a small sweater. For those most sensitive to noise: earplugs!

Minibuses are ideal for medium distances or for journeys not exceeding 4 hours. Beyond that, it becomes difficult given the relative comfort of minibuses.

Regarding vans, we become much more critical. Indeed, due to the number of road accidents in which they are involved, we do not prefer to favor them.
Don’t forget that vans regularly stop to drop off or pick up passengers on the way. This has a big impact on the journey time. So it’s up to you.

Space in the vans is limited. There is a little room for luggage. If one is overcrowded, chances are it will end up in your lap or you will need to buy an extra seat.

Buy or book a bus ticket

To buy a bus ticket, three possibilities:

  1. Go to the bus station.
    Be careful, the bus stations are often outside the city.
  1. Go to a travel agency.

  2. Book via a specialized website.

Note: There are many road accidents in Thailand (it’s the 2nd deadliest country in the world), so it’s best to take the safest transport. The bus offers more than guaranteed.