Explore Khao Tao: A Tranquil Village between Hua Hin and Pran Buri

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Explore Khao Tao: A Tranquil Village between Hua Hin and Pran Buri

Unwind in Khao Tao, a peaceful village between Hua Hin and Pran Buri. Explore serene beaches, cultural richness, and budget-friendly stays in this Thai haven.


Khao Tao: Turtle Village Tranquility

Khao Tao, a quaint village, derives its name from its historical role as a nesting ground for turtles (tao means turtle in Thai). Situated 12km away from both Hua Hin and Pran Buri, this turtle village is gracefully positioned between a tranquil lake and the serene sea. The presence of these water bodies undoubtedly enhances the overall tranquility of the area.

The village, characterized by its absence of large buildings, is centered around a small hill, with only one tower standing as a unique feature on the landscape. This tower appears almost like a wart in the otherwise picturesque scenery. Additionally, nestled within the village is a small cove, or perhaps a modest inlet, providing local fishermen with a sheltered space to secure their boats from the elements.


Things to see and to do in Khao Tao

Pha You Lai Temple

At the hill’s summit proudly stands a Buddha statue, signifying the presence of Wat Pha You Lai. Constructed in 1955, this temple serves as a haven for meditation. As you ascend the hill to explore Wat Pha You Lai, you’ll encounter several small bungalows dedicated to retreats. Along the way, various representations of the Chinese goddess Guanyin, Sariputta, and others grace the surroundings.

While the temple itself holds a few surprises and is of some interest, it’s worth noting that many visitors aren’t drawn here solely for the temple experience but rather to access the renowned Sainoi Beach.



Sainoi Beach

Khao Tao extends beyond the hill, stretching along a beach that, while pleasant overall, tends to be quite common. In contrast, Sanoi Beach is nestled between two mountain slopes. Resembling a spacious cove, it attracts many visitors who appreciate the unique setting and ample space, perfect for leisurely relaxation. The beach features small restaurants and a beach club, complete with bungalows. The atmosphere exudes a laid-back and cool vibe.



Certain areas of Khao Tao’s main beach are occasionally frequented by sand flies. Exercise caution during your visit.

Eating Out

A variety of small restaurants can be found alongside the lake. Across from the beach, Rotthip Hat Khaotao Restaurant, a Thai establishment, provides a straightforward menu. While there are one or two additional restaurants by the sea, the ambiance may vary based on the owners’ moods. It is advisable to steer clear of those particular establishments.


Sleeping in Khao Tao

While there aren’t any large resorts, a couple of options are available. We have selected two addresses:

Khao Tao

Kao Tao Villa Beach Resort
Option: Resort, where you can enjoy peaceful nights with your feet immersed in the water. Ideal for couples and small families, offering excellent value for money.

Reservation: Booking - Agoda

Khao Tao


Low-budget option! A very clean dormitory, and best of all, it’s never crowded! Located right opposite the lake and just 3 minutes from the sea!

Reservation: Booking


Best Times to Visit Khao Tao: Ideal Seasons and Activities

The best time to visit Khao Tao depends on your preferences regarding climate and activities. Generally, the period from November to February is considered ideal for exploring this region of Thailand. During these months, the weather is typically dry, with pleasant temperatures and sunny days.

This marks the cool, dry season, providing perfect conditions for beach exploration, temple visits, and various outdoor activities. It’s advisable to steer clear of the rainy season, which occurs from June to October, bringing heavy rainfall and potential flooding in some areas.

Khao tao : Transports

Getting to Khao Tao

The most convenient way to reach Khao Tao is from Hua Hin. The town boasts excellent transport links, and to complete the journey, you can easily cover the remaining 12 km by taxi, van, or Grab.

Bus To Khao Tao

Taxi to Khao tao

Train To Hua Hin

Departure BANGKOK08:1013:1014:5015:3516:1017:3018:5020:1022:10
Arrival HUA HIN12:0517:2918:5719:4520:2321:4223:2900:4202:14
Duration3h 55m4h 19m4h 07m4h 10m4h 13m4h 12m4h 39m4h 32m4h 04m

Departures from Bangkok to Hua Hin are from Krung Thep Aphiwat station (Bang Sue Grand Station).

Getting Around Between the Two Main Towns

When traveling between Hua Hin and Pran Buri, you have three transportation options:

  • Hire a Scooter or Car: For flexibility and independence, consider renting a scooter or car to explore at your own pace.

  • Taxis: Be cautious, as they can be quite expensive, costing at least 200 baht per ride.

  • Biking: Opt for a healthier and cost-effective choice by using the designated cycle path that connects the two towns.