Koh Chang : where to stay ? Hotels, the best plans

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Koh Chang : where to stay ? Hotels, the best plans

Where to stay on Koh Chang? Which part of the island to choose? What is the impact of the Covid on the hotel structures? All the information you need to optimise your trip.

Koh Chang hotels, after Covid … review

It’s not surprising, the pandemic of 2020 to 2022 has left the island bereft. The number of closed businesses is very high.
Large parts of the island are now almost deserted. Only the large hotel complexes have held out. The other businesses are gone. The best example is undoubtedly the Lonely Beach area. The main street with its many shops is now deserted. The establishments are empty, the atmosphere is non-existent. It is sad and there is not much hope for the future.

The best areas to sleep.

Koh Chang, like many islands in Thailand, has a side with almost all the hotel complexes (west coast) and a side with mangrove swamps (east coast).

North West of Koh Chang - Klong Son

On the tip of the island - not far from the ferry port - several large resorts compete for a beautiful beach. If the services of these hotels are of high quality, they are relatively isolated (asset or defect as you want).

Koh Chang

Little Sunshine Boutique Beach Resort & Spa

Option: comfort and calm. A resort with a good quality/price ratio. Dedicated staff in a postcard setting with access to Klong Son Beach. Why not enjoy it!

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White Sand beach

White Sand Beach is one of the busiest places on the island. You can see a lot of closed businesses (pandemic), but this is where the activities are the most dynamic. White Sand Beach is very touristic. Many restaurants are located along the beach.
In fact, there are two worlds in this area: on one side the resorts and big hotels and, on the other, an old school area with a rather backpacker atmosphere! We have to admit, if the place is quite charming, the absence of tourists for 2 years has been fatal for a lot of little guesthouses.

In fact, it is not easy to find a charming little hotel. Our selection is based on a large hotel complex. It has bungalows directly on the beach with optimal conditions of comfort.

Koh Chang

KC Grande Resort & Spa

Option: the classy bungalow on the beach. This is not the kind of resort we like, but it has an essential advantage: beautiful bungalows directly on the beach. For a top stay, rocked all night by the soft sound of the waves. Price: we treat ourselves!

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Island center - Klong Prao Beach

It’s a good spot for those who wish to stay on a beautiful beach and not far from restaurants and other shops. It is a good compromise for couples and families. It is easy to get around on foot or by scooter. On the main road there are a few establishments where it is easy to party.

The beach is nice, but beware: we could observe the presence of sand flies. The resorts here are of a very high standard and offer all the conditions for a pleasant stay.

Koh Chang

Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort

Option: I love it! A unique and magical place, a subtle mix of materials with a superb decoration, not to mention a high standard of service. On top of that, there is direct access to the beach and a superb swimming pool. Price: But why didn’t you take an extra night! But why ???

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Koh Chang

Barali Beach Resort

Option: a very good compromise between good quality and price! A classic resort, but with nice rooms in nice bungalows. A beautiful swimming pool overlooking the beach, an attentive staff and above all a quiet place… and just a 10 minute walk from the main shops. Price: Good choice and good value for money. Well done!

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Koh Chang

Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort

Option: a good choice for families and couples! In the same style as the Barali, the Centara offers a range of rooms that will appeal to those seeking comfort, quality and optimum service. Price: Good choice and good value for money. Well done!

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Places that have lost a lot of interest

Lonely Beach

A beach where many backpackers liked to hang out (before the pandemic).
It was the area where you could find small guesthouses and other cheap pensions offering basic rooms with relative comfort. The main reason for coming here was to party and enjoy the beach. Since the pandemic, there is not much left. To be avoided for the moment.

On the southern tip of the island

Before the pandemic, this was a vibrant area with several guesthouses and small hotels. All of them had created a very friendly atmosphere. This is not so much the case today. Many businesses are closed and for many it will be very difficult to start up again. The south of the island is therefore for those who want peace and quiet and the rare encounter.