Unexpected Encounter: A 4-Meter Boa Invades Our Garage in Thailand!

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Unexpected Encounter: A 4-Meter Boa Invades Our Garage in Thailand!

When a tranquil evening takes an unexpected turn with a face-to-face encounter with a boa constrictor measuring over 4 meters in our garage, witness the incredible moment captured on video.

A house between town and countryside

Located not far from Jomtien, our house is slightly set back from Soi Tan Man. All around, we have some fields and spaces where vegetation has reclaimed its rights. It’s not uncommon to see some ‘exotic’ animals passing more or less quickly in front of our windows. Varans and other snakes (mostly the green ones, but also other more or less dangerous species such as the cobra) are thus part of the landscape. But last night, the surprise was significant.

A boa in the garage

Around 7:00 PM, in the midst of preparing dinner, we realized we were out of milk. Without hesitation, we decided to quickly fetch some from the nearby grocery store. As we started the scooter, something caught our eye. Spread out in its full length, a boa constrictor of over 4 meters was attempting to hide. What a magnificent creature! Panic set in! After the initial shock, we urgently sought assistance.

As seen in the video, the creature was swiftly captured using a simple rope and a considerable amount of courage and composure. We had the rope but lacked other tools. The boa put up a strong resistance, but skill and human solidarity proved highly effective. In three minutes, the creature was placed in a large bag and taken away on a motorcycle. It was safely deposited several kilometers from our place, unharmed, with only an empty belly…

But why a boa in my garage?

This small boa is not a new discovery for me. A few months ago, in the dead of night, I heard strange noises of pigeons. To my great surprise, I observed a pigeon with its wings spread wide, giving the impression it was taking flight. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was entwined by the tail of a snake… specifically, a boa. The creature, aware of my presence, released the poor bird, which crashed to the ground like a water-filled bag.

The incident could have ended there. However, as I recently learned, boas have designated territories that they guard. The animal is not a migrator and stays within a defined perimeter. Something I hadn’t considered is that boas love cats. Five months ago, our cat gave birth to three adorable kittens. However, for the past three weeks, one of the kittens has been missing. Considering the size of the snake, we are making the connection, and secretly hope that we are wrong.

So, what to do in the presence of a boa?

For those from countries where boas are merely characters from the Jungle Book, it’s best to note the emergency number, be friendly with neighbors, and, most importantly, avoid excessive panic! On a more serious note, boas have powerful jaws capable of causing significant injuries. It is strongly advised not to approach them and to let trained individuals or those with experience handle the situation.

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