Coming to Thailand without return flight, possible or not?

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Coming to Thailand without return flight, possible or not?

The question is often asked: is it risky to go to Thailand with a single ticket? How to avoid boarding bans? Tips and tricks for a peaceful departure.


Coming to Thailand without return flight

Leaving without any real idea of how to get there, travelling by intuition, leaving yourself time to wander, etc. Many travelers take the opportunity to leave with a simple ticket, no return flight. No scheduled return or for a long period. But there are also unfortunate experiences. Some travelers have told us how their plans broke down at check-in. No plane, no trip…
The cause: a very fussy staff who forbade them to leave because of the lack of a visa and/or a return flight.

Buying a ticket does not mean that you will be able to board… There are conditions to be met for travelling.!

Indeed, airlines must check that their passengers are in compliance with immigration rules at the time of boarding. Even though immigration rules can change quickly, any traveller who leaves without a visa and a return ticket for more than four weeks is likely to be turned away by the airline. Fortunately, there are several ways to get around these minor setbacks.

  • Have a visa for the duration of your trip. This does not provide full protection as it’s possible that the company will ask for an exit at the end of the visa.
  • Buy a flight ticket to a new destination from Thailand. For example, arrival in Bangkok on 1 March, next flight will be on 30 March at the latest to Laos, Cambodia, etc.
  • Book a train ticket via the SRT booking site (not always operational) to Malaysia, Laos, etc.
  • Booking a flight with a low-cost airline … but only printing the booking page before payment. In this way, all the important information is given and can be used as proof.
  • Booking a flight and cancelling it. This option requires you to take out cancellation insurance (beware, it’s important to find out the cancellation policy of the airline).
  • Do the same with a train or bus ticket. The destination is always a neighbouring country (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia).