Bangkok Sightseeing and Activities Guide

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Bangkok Sightseeing and Activities Guide

Bangkok is teeming with sights to visit, each with its own beauty, history, and uniqueness. While it’s hard to determine which ones are truly essential, here’s a list to explore and form your own impressions.

Must-See Attractions in Bangkok

All the essential information about Bangkok’s must-see attractions is compiled here. Explore the iconic gems of the city and immerse yourself in its dynamic essence through its renowned sites.

Off the Beaten Path: Sightseeing Bangkok’s Neighborhoods

Events or Festivals to See or Do in Bangkok

There are numerous events or festivals in the Thai capital. Two stand out as particularly important:

  • In April: Songkran (Thai New Year)
    Songkran is a water festival where people splash water to symbolize the cleansing of the past and the beginning of the new year.

  • In November: Loi Krathong
    One of the most beautiful festivals, Loi Krathong is symbolized by the launching of floating lanterns on rivers and lakes.