Avagard Capsule Hotel: the spatio-temporal break!

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Avagard Capsule Hotel: the spatio-temporal break!

Avagard Capsule Hotel is the last offer of accommodation that can be found at Suvarnabhumi Airport.


A minimum of space but a maximum of comfort between two planes. That’s the goal of the Avagard Capsule Hotel.

The hotel is located in the center of Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Travelers can rest a few hours in a completely enclosed and isolated space. Air-conditioned, equipped with a control room (which allows adjusting the power and coloring lighting), USB, Wi-Fi and especially a queen-size bed is the possibility of a break and the way to recharge your batteries before a long trip.
For travelers who have to work directly after their arrival, it’s perfect!

This capsule of 3 m² with its queen-size bed also offers the possibility of sleeping with two.

It is a space that can hold people claustrophobic … This capsule “Space 1999” style can only be reserved for a few hours, with a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 15 hours. For luggage, there is has a locker.


  • The capsule is non-smoking.
  • Reserved for adults.
  • Toilet outside, but slippers offered!
  • Price: from 800 baht.