How to get from Bangkok to Vientiane

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How to get from Bangkok to Vientiane

How to Get from Bangkok to Vientiane: Comprehensive Transport Information. Find all the transportation details you need to travel from the Thai capital, Bangkok, to the Laotian capital, Vientiane. Explore information on trains, planes, buses, and vans, providing practical insights to simplify your journey.


Bangkok - Vientiane by Van

This mode of transportation is the favored choice for individuals seeking a rapid journey to Vientiane, particularly those with a tight timeframe for visa renewal.

Renewing Your Thai Visa

Various van companies provide their services, and yet, the services and service quality are comparable, with prices ranging from 2300 to 2500 baht for a round-trip ticket. Undoubtedly convenient, this option is nevertheless quite demanding. In less than two days, you can complete a round trip to Bangkok and swiftly acquire the essential document. It’s an optimal choice for handling administrative formalities but may be less suitable for exploration or leisurely travel.

For those seeking a prompt Thai visa renewal in Vientiane, minibus companies operate from the BTS On Nut station in Bangkok. There are two departure options: either early in the morning at 6:45 am or around 9 pm.

Our Advice: No way !

While the van is ideal for administrative purposes, it is not recommended for those traveling to Laos. The overall discomfort, unsettling driving conditions due to a service constrained by timetables, and limited luggage space (with a supplementary fee for larger bags) make the van option far from advisable.

Bangkok – Vientiane en bus

Bangkok - Vientiane by bus

The VIP bus is more comfortable than the minibus. Although there is more space than in a minibus, this option still requires a bit of stamina. The bus departs from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal and arrives at Vientiane’s bus station more than 12 hours later (minimum). So it’s quite a long journey, and the price for such services is quite high. There are three ways to buy the ticket:

  • Go directly to the bus station.
  • Go to an agency. For people staying in the Kao San Road area, some agencies offer VIP buses.
  • Book online, to avoid misunderstandings and wasted time.

Getting to Vientiane by Train

The most convenient and comfortable way to travel from Bangkok to Vientiane is by train. The journey is genuinely pleasant, allowing you to soak in a unique atmosphere and, most importantly, enjoy the scenic landscapes. The night train, in particular, offers exceptional comfort and is considered the best value-for-money travel experience.

The train concludes its journey at the station in the border town of Nong Khai, a town well worth exploring. Upon arrival at the station, transportation options such as tuk-tuks, songtaews, vans, or even another train are readily available to take you to the border. Getting to the Laotian border from Nong Khai is remarkably straightforward.

Bangkok - Vientiane: The Train + Bus/Van Combo

Opting for the train to Nong Khai and then continuing the journey to Vientiane by bus or van is the trendiest and most practical option available!

By Plane to Vientiane

Undoubtedly, flying is the quickest and least tiring option. In reality, there are two primary ways to travel between these two capitals: a longer route with very competitive prices, and a direct route that is faster.

Bangkok - Udon Thani by Air

AirAsia provides flights to Udon Thani in Thailand, a town close to the border. There are two flights available daily, with prices varying, including some very attractive special offers. The flight itself takes just 50 minutes. Upon arrival, you can take a minibus (tickets available at an office opposite the arrival point).

The cost to reach the border is 200 baht. After passing through Thai customs, a shuttle bus is available to take you to the other border post for 20 baht. Finally, you can board the number 14 shuttle/bus to the Vientiane bus station for 6000 baht. All these shuttle buses are conveniently located and easy to find.Bangkok - Udon Thani par les airs

Bangkok - Vientiane by Air

Another option is to fly with Nokair, which handles everything from Bangkok to the center of Vientiane. It might be a bit more expensive, but you won’t have to deal with shuttle buses or tuk-tuks, making the journey more convenient.

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