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The king postpones the procession of the royal barge

The rumor had been running since the beginning of the afternoon. This has been confirmed, the great procession of the Royal Barges that was to take place on Thursday, October 24 is postponed.

Report de la procession des Barges Royales. Bangkok. Chao Phraya

At the beginning of the afternoon, the rumor was going well. The motor-taxis at the beginning of the Grand Palais echoed it, the great procession of the Royal Barges risked being canceled.

In the early evening, the rumor has become reality. The decision was made by the king. Risks related to climatic conditions, currents of the Chao Phraya and especially the water level of the river forced the organizers to inform the King. The King decided and chose a date probably better for navigation on the Royal River.

The ceremony was to start on Thursday, October 24 at 15:30, so it is postponed to Thursday, December 12 at the same time. It will take the same route as planned from the pier near Wat Ratchathiwat to Wat Arun.

Some questions remain with this postponement: many institutions that had to close during this period such as the universities of Thammasat and Silapakorn …


All repetitions are maintained. See the program here. There will be 
some changes in the next few days ...

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