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Ferry Pattaya-HuaHin, all information

Since 2017, the connection Ferry Pattaya-Hua Hin is a very convenient link between the two cities. All info to know.

The ferry: a catamaran

The catamaran of the Royal Passenger Liner is a 346-seat boat. It is a boat that has 3 categories: the economy class with 286 seats, the Business Class with 44 seats and two VIP rooms for 8 people each. This boat, new, has air conditioning.

play for time

This link crossing the Gulf of Siam over a distance of 116 km connects the wharves of Balihai Cape (Pattaya) and Khao Takiab (Hua Hin).
The big advantage is the duration of the trip between the two cities. By boat it takes about 2 hours. By road, you have to travel 380 km for 5 to 6 hours of roads (it also depends on traffic jams in the capital). The saving of time is therefore important, but time is money …

A practical but expensive crossing …

If it seems undeniable that the time gained by ferry is important, the price of the crossing is also:

Classe économique950 bahts1250 bahts
Business Classe1250 bahts1550 bahts
VIP Room14000 baths
pour 8 personnes

The schedules:

We give here the schedules as an indication. Depending on the tides, the seasons (tourist or climatic) changes are frequent. It is necessary to refer to the official schedules (Schedule Trip of the company).
Pattaya - Hua HinHua Hin - Pattaya
Pattaya départ 10h30
arrivée Hua Hin 12h30
Hua Hin départ 13h30
arrivée Pattaya 15h30

Buy Pattaya – Hua Hin Ferry Tickets

To book tickets via the Internet, it is necessary to do it at least 15 hours before departure. Below, you have to buy at the port.
On the day of departure you must arrive at least one hour before departure.

The piers:

Arrival and departure are always in the same pier Balihai Cape (Pattaya) and Khao Takiab (Hua Hin).
The Balihai Cape pier (Pattaya) is very easy to reach. It is not very far from the city center. To get there: taxi, songthaew, mototaxi.
Khao Takiab Pier (Hua Hin) is quite far from the city center (6 km). You can not walk there. You have to go with a songthaew (be careful negotiate before you leave) or with a taxi.

Additional info

  • 551/4 Moo 10 Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chomburi 20150
  • Pattaya (Bali Hai) :
    – Tel : +66 (0) 38-488-999
    – Mobile : +66 (0) 62-427-9949
  • Hua Hin Pear (Khaotakiab)
    Mobile : +66 (0) 93-495-9499

To book:

Ferry Pattaya - Hua Hin ฿ 1,250 2h
  •   High Speed Ferry 13:00
  •   High Speed Ferry 15:45, 16:00

Tips before leaving:

The catamaran is moving fast and the sensations are strong inside. They can be very strong if you end up with sick tourists …
For fragile stomachs, several possibilities:

  • Take a medication against seasickness
  • Eat a lot
  • Do not overeat … yes the question is difficult! The testimonials are contradictory, so it’s up to you to tell us !!

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