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Bus, minibus and bus stations in Thailand

Buses, trains, planes Thailand is a country where it is easy to travel. The most difficult is to find the most appropriate. All information about bus, minibus and bus stations.


Traveling by bus

Road infrastructure in Thailand is very well developed. However, if the roads are in good condition, travel by bus or minibus takes time.
We can not compare time / road traveled as in Europe or the United States. 300 km can take 5 to 7 hours or more.
We must also think that leaving the big cities and especially Bangkok also takes a lot of time.
However, when adding buses and minibuses, 70% of trips are by bus in this country.

Many companies share a large number of customers.
There are many choices (schedules, companies, stop arrival or departure, etc.) and therefore many different prices. There are non-air-conditioned buses with several thousand kilometers on the counter to the VIP super bus with reclining seats, spacious and of a rare cleanliness. For some night buses, there are even sleeper buses.

All cities in Thailand are connected to bus networks. The vast majority of cities have a bus station. Big cities even have 2 or more terminals. It is always important to know the arrival or departure station.

Buy or book a bus ticket

To buy a bus ticket, three possibilities:

  1. Go to the bus station. Note: In Bangkok there are three main train stations and one only for minibuses :
    • Bangkok South Terminal Bus Sai Tai Guo สาย ใต้ เก่า (ปิ่น เกล้า)
    •  Bus Terminal (Southern) Sai Mai Tai (สาย ใต้ ใหม่)
    • Mo Chit Bus Station หมอชิต 2 (อาคาร ผู้โดยสาร)
    • Ekamai Bus Station
  2. Go to a travel agency. There are many in Khao San Road.
  3. Book via a specialized website

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Minibuses and vans

There is also a whole network of minibuses.

Advantages of minibuses:

  • It’s very convenient and faster. Perfect for medium distances.
  • Most minibus terminals are in the city center.
  • All cities in Thailand are connected by minibuses.

Disadvantages of minibuse

  • It’s a bit more expensive than the bus
  • Less comfortable than the bus
  • Traveling by minibus means you do not have big bags. The place is limited. If you have a lot of luggage, you have to buy an extra ticket.
  • Vehicles are not always safe during heavy rains (tire lices).
  • Drivers can accumulate a lot of driving time … accidentally.

How to buy a ticket?

3 possibilities:

  1. Tickets are bought at the bus stations.
  2. Possibility to go through a local agency
  3. Internet (the most practical)

Note: There are many road accidents in Thailand (it's the 2nd deadliest 
country in the world), so it's best to take the safest transport.
The bus offers more than guaranteed.


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