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Bangkok MRT Blue Line: Extension open next month

The extension of the Blue Line is over. It will open in December. Result, we will be able to make a loop around the center of Bangkok in MRT!

It’s been 11 years since the work started and they finish this month. 13 km of elevated line that ends the loop around the center of Bangkok.

This end of the year 2019 is very dynamic for public transport in Bangkok. In a few months several extensions have been completed and have totally changed the transport habits of many inhabitants. To understand, just look at the map below.

Extension MRT Blue Line Bangkok

After the trial period passed, the number of travelers will simply double. It will grow from 400,000 to 800,000 a day. To do this, the company has ordered more than 35 new trains. They will operate from February and March.

This new extension has 8 new stations:

  • Charan Sanit Wong 13,
  • Yaek Fai Chai,
  • Bang Khun Non,
  • Bang Yi Khan,
  • Sirindhorn,
  • Bang Phlat,
  • Bang Or,
  • and Bang Pho
Note : 
It will be possible to change to Tao Poon to join the MRT purple line. There is no direct correspondence with the BTS

This extension is good news. It will also relieve the BTS lines at peak times, reduce the number of buses (hoping that the older ones will be removed) and help reduce traffic in the center of the city (good news to reduce pollution CO2).

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